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A minimum of $300 down is required to hold the puppy, balance of the puppy and the shipping amount is due by the time the puppy is 7 weeks old, in order to give us time to get the puppy checked by the vet and to schedule shipping if necessary.  NO personal checks are accepted within 2 weeks of shipping date.  Puppy must be picked up or shipped by 10 weeks of age or a $50 per week will be added after age 10 weeks of age for boarding fees.  Our PayPal email address is 

When purchasing a puppy 8 weeks or older the balance of the puppy and the shipping amount is due at least a week or two before the puppy ships, in order to give us time to get the puppy checked by the vet and to schedule shipping if necessary. If the puppy is over 10 weeks old when purchased the puppy needs to be picked up or shipped within 2 weeks or a $50 per week boarding fee will be added after the initial 2 weeks.

Deposits Before Birth: Deposits are NON-refundable.  If some unforeseen circumstances arise, we will be happy to extend your deposit to the next litter.  Gender, Color, Coat types are not guaranteed.  If you specify a gender, color or coat type of a puppy it could take longer than usual for you to get the puppy you desire. If a litter does not take, or too few of puppies are born within the litter, your deposit goes to the next available litter. The first in line deposit before birth has 1 week to choose their puppy, any subsequent deposits have 4 days to choose their puppy.

We reserve the right to keep any puppy before we put them up as available, or at any time, so long as they are not spoken for - a deposit and puppy contract on that specific puppy. A pup will not be held for you until both a puppy contract is filled out and a deposit is put down.

Deposits on a specific puppy after birth:  Deposits are NON-refundable. A deposit may be transferrable to another available puppy.  Refunds are given ONLY for the following reasons:  1) Animal of specification dies or 2) Veterinary or breeder finds unsuitable for sale.

A Deposit is a trust.  The puppy you have chosen will be held for you until it is ready to leave its mother or agreed upon departure date.  All puppies are treated equally with loving care whether the puppy is sold or not.  All fees must be paid for before the puppy leaves our home. Once a puppy is chosen, and the puppy contract and deposit are down the balance of the puppy is no longer negotiable. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy to any buyer if we deem the buyer not suitable.

Our puppies DO NOT come with breeding rights. If a buyer gets two or more puppies of opposite gender we reserve the right to require them to get one or more of the puppies neutered or spay.

Refunds on puppies after purchase:  Our refund policies lie with our health guarantees only.  A health guarantee will accompany the puppy once he leaves our home with our Bill of Sale.  But we will give NO refunds just because you change your mind, no longer want, found elsewhere, etc.!   NOTE:  Should you ask us to resell your puppy due some unforeseen circumstances we will charge you (the current buyer) a 15% seller’s fee, minus the deposit amount, and ONLY if the puppy is still at our home.  We will send back your money you have paid on this puppy only after we have resold it and the new owner has paid for the puppy in full.  NO CASH REFUNDS

Guarantees-  We guarantee the puppy to be without genetic faults, such as heart defects, or other life threatening genetic defects and from hip dysplasia & juvenal cataracts for 2 years from the puppy's birth. Most often, a problem would be caught before a puppy leaves here. In the rare case it is not, a replacement puppy will be given.. We do not guarantee common, easily fixable problems or miner defects. Such as underbites, umbilical hernias, cherry eye, undescended testicles, or vaccination or medication reactions. We do not guarantee any physical problem that is known by the buyer before you purchase the puppy. We do our best to catch these types of problems ahead of time, and fix them if possible, or sell the puppy at a reduced price if it is not a fixable problem. (With the exception of underbites in breeds where underbites are common.) All puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks, and given any parasite prevention that we feel is necessary. However, we do not guarantee puppies if they do have internal or external parasites, because parasites are extremely common, and almost impossible to get rid of 100%. Though, we do sure try! Arrival:  This pup is guaranteed healthy prior to leaving our home. We no longer vaccinate our puppies for kennel cough. If a puppy does not show a cough before leaving here but does consistently within 72 hours after it leaves us, we will refund $50 for antibiotic treatment for the puppy, if so required.  When you receive your puppy, it will be wormed at least 3 times or more, and have its first set of shots, which includes a combo puppy vaccination. We do not pay your vet bills. Some vets are extremely costly, in particularly in larger cities, compared to our vets here. If you do notice a problem with your puppy, it is best to contact us immediately! We may be able to help without costly and sometimes unnecessary treatments?  A final Bill of Sale will be given along with the delivery of the puppy to the buyer.  No guarantee is given if in the rare case any puppy is sold for less then $300. No guarantees apply if this contract is not filled out and sent to us.

No refunds are ever given on training! Transportation is fully the responsibility of the buyer, even when a puppy is returned, and is also never refunded. Training and shipping are not guaranteed with the puppy, but are extras. Rehoming a puppy voids any and all guarantees. The guarantee is for a replacement puppy only.
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All pick ups are at 1 pm Eastern time, or later. Never earlier due to our daily schedule. Puppies must be 7 weeks or older to be picked up. If known, please specify a prefereed date and time that you would like to pick up your puppy.
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If known, please specify the date, time, and place that you would prefer to meet? Meeting is $1.95 per mile, for one way. Meeting at truck stops near an interstate or highway is a preferred place to meet. Delivery to your home, or near your home, is also available.
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