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Sold Puppies

The balance on sold puppies, along with any shipping, delivery, meeting, training, or boarding costs must be paid by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old, or before, unless private arrangements are made with me ahead of time.

Our Females
Our Males

Due to COVID-19, we cannot ship by airplane at this time. If you require shipping ask me for ground shippers contact information that have delivered puppies from us previously. Or you may find a ground shipper or puppy nanny on your own? Picking up here is always an option as well!

In addition to the ground shipper, you must pay, to me, the $75 for the required health certificate, which we will get done for you, at our local vet.

Do put in to schedule plenty early enough so that they can get their route planned! Puppies must at least be weaned in order to be able to leave. We wean all puppies at 7 weeks old. 

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks or older to receive a rabies vaccination. 
Health Certificate
Rabies Vaccination
Puppy Payments
Week of boarding
Boarding is for any sold puppy that is still here after 10 weeks of age, but not in training. Boarding is usually limited to no more then 2 weeks.
George & Karen Brausen

124 Lindsey Cemetery Road
Madisonville, TN 37354

George Cell 865-441-1726

Email: dakotasportretriever@gmail.com
"Bunny" red female out of Penny and Teddy, born March 28th, 2024.  Sold 

"Ava"(Daisy) cream female out of Penny and Teddy, born March 28th, 2024.  Sold 

"Fritz" gold male out of Frankie and Scooter, born March 19th, 2024.  Sold